I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name 🎶


Anonymously send me lyrics referring to your opinion of me.
If I had a car I'd drive over and give you hugs :3

Hugs on Saturday?
And thank you ^_^

Also this is my official application for cuddle buddy, I loooove cuddling and like being the big spoon, biting and kissing :)

You’re lovely!


all im interested in right now is laying in bed and kissing a lot.

If I was dating you, I'd make you worship me like a queen, grab my butt a lot and hold your hand alllllllll the time.

Now, that sounds just about perfect ^_^

Bad vibes? What's on your mind?

I feel like I’m growing further and further away from those who are (or once were) close to me.
I feel lonely.
I feel frustrated.
I lack connection.
I feel like I need a huge, positive change in my life.
I’m craving physical affection.
I feel I’m pathetically awkward.
I feel like I fuck up most opportunities to meet people.
I hate self doubt.

I don’t know, my mind is full of negativity this afternoon.

Sorry to rant, and thank you for to message.

Not digging this afternoon’s bad vibes.
I want hugs.

My sound was great last night, may have finally found live settings in happy with (noting that I don’t have or want expensive gear because out singer crazy and manages to - accidentally - break pedals and stuff).

Metal Zone and my Laney head so me just fine.

Saving pics here as well because I don’t want to lose these settings!

Cuddle buddy of any gender (still) wanted.

Must love cuddling.

Would prefer you as the “big spoon”, but it’s all good.

The following are a bonus (but are unexpected):
Like to bite/scratch
Like kissing
Like tie up games
Anything else fun ^_^

Apply within


send me “if i was dating you” descriptions

Let’s play dress ups?