I don’t like Sid, but I like this (and I love the New York Dolls!)


Clearly she wears those short skirts and skimpy tank tops because she wants the d. and by d I mean vitamin d. she wants to soak up as much sun as she can. because revealing clothes are not an invitation for sex u prick


Australians on Tumblr are the best

Part 2: x
Part 3: x


Australians on Tumblr Part 2

Part 1: x
Part 3: x

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Baron Samedi - Live @ EarCandy #5

I love these guys!! Every time they put on a fun-filled, high energy show!!  Their crazy combination of grunge, old-ska and punk makes me all tingly in the nether regions!!  

Their performance at EarCandy #5 was no exception. Chect out this video (it covers some of their show), it’s fucking awesome.  You’ll notice I’m down front bopping around having fun, it’s impossible not to when these guys are playing!

I love these kids!
+ they all used to sneak into out shows when they were 17 :p